Hadees e Qudsi.

O Son of Adam! I desire something and you desire something but only what I desire occurs. If you submit yourself to my desire i.e. obey Him, I will be sufficient for you in your desire. If you do not submit yourself to me (by disobeying Him), I will tire you in what you desire and (at the end of the day) only what I wish happens and occurs.

About Us

Welcome to Shahid Electric Company.

The Shahid Electric Company isPakistan’s best Electric Company in 18-year tradition of meeting or exceeding our customer needs. The Shahid Electric Company provides exceptional services and quality on every project, whether those projects no matter how large or small.                                    

Our Location

The Shahid Electric Company Branch is strategically located in the heart of Mansoorabad and head office located in the Main Summundary Rd  to provide better services to our clients in all regions of Faisalabad Less than a 20 minute drive from Main city, our Head office location are also allowing us to service all of our Faisalabad clients quickly and efficiently.

Our People

Our personnel are hard working and also have experience in the electrical and communication industry. Their professionalism, skills and courteous attitude set them apart from most of other companies and are a primary reason why the Shahid Electric Company has become the company we are today.

Our Service

At Shahid Electric Company we realise that a happy customer is the best advertisement of a company could ever ask for. Our employees understand that “good enough” does not grow a business. We want our employees to be able to walk away from a job knowing that should they ever need a further assistance, they will think that of the Shahid Electric Company is the FIRST for all of their electrical needs