Hadees e Qudsi.

O Son of Adam! I desire something and you desire something but only what I desire occurs. If you submit yourself to my desire i.e. obey Him, I will be sufficient for you in your desire. If you do not submit yourself to me (by disobeying Him), I will tire you in what you desire and (at the end of the day) only what I wish happens and occurs.


Mansoorabad Branch

Shahid Electric Company                              

Street # 12, DataPark, Mansoorabad, Faisalabad             

Punjab, Pakistan                            

Timing 9:00 Am to 7:00 Pm             

Friday Off                                    

Tel : +920418555111       Tel : +920418738027

Email: secshahid@gmail.com

We are dealing in the following categories:

House and Commercial Wiring Electric Accessories, Spare parts and Enameled wire, Water Tanks, Home Appliances & Fans, 

Electric Wiring Pipe and Accessories, Sewerage Pipe and Accessories, Hot and Clod Water Pipe Accessories.