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Shahid Electric Company

Available Products

Shahid Electric Company manufactures following products:

Fan Box (Shock Proof White)

We manufacture white color Fan boxes that are shock proof and highly durable. High quality material is used to make them long lasting.

Fan Box - Front View

Fan Box - Side View

Light Box (3” Small and Large, White)

You can order white color Light boxes from us in quantities. They are available in both large and small sizes.

Light Box

Wholesale Light Boxes

Open Shelter (Small and Large, White)
White color Open shelters are available in small and large sizes.

Open Shelter - Small

Open Shelter - Large

Wall Dabi (3/4" and 1” White)

Wall dabi is available in ¾ inches and 1 inch size for electric wiring. You can order them in any quantity from all over the Pakistan.

Wall Dabi

Fan Plate (8” White)

8 inches white color Fan plates are available in quantity.

Fan Plate

China Fitting Box (Small and Large, ABS)

We also make small and large China fitting boxes to use in electric wiring.

China Fitting - Small

China Fitting - Large

We also manufacture electric parts

Electric Parts & Devices

We have a variety of wholesale electric parts available in quantity.

Circuit Breakers

High quality circuit breakers are available.

Circuit Breaker - Single

Circuit Breakers

Float Switch

We manufacture reliable float switches to prevent water overflow from tanks.

Float Switch

PVC Insulation Tape

General purpose PVC insulation tapes are also available in multiple colors.

PVC Insulation Tape

Rope Light Adapter

Good quality rope light adapters can be ordered from us.

Rope Light Adapter - White

Running Capacitors

Long life running capacitors are available in all common ratings.

Running Capacitors

If you are interested to order any of the above electric products then please click here or use our contact page.