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We want to serve our customers with such advanced products that were not available to them before us. We are thankful to our dear customers with cooperation of whom we are able to upgrade our distribution.

Shahid Electric Company is the name of leading distributers of power distribution, power quality, control and industrial automation products. In today’s world, energy is the heart of everyone’s concern. 70% of the world's energy is consumed by infrastructure, industry, buildings and residential markets while 30% of the energy savings that we can provide these markets to current energy efficiency solutions.

Shahid Electric Company makes this energy visible by giving the customers the means to optimize its consumption; products and services by Shahid Electric Company make the energy safe, reliable, efficient and productive. The company prides of itself to maintain and provide a wide range of electric and electronic items of different capabilities by performing services in many areas of electrical industry. SEC prides of offering superb diversity by providing everything.